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is there any way to turn the motion blur off? I'm not on my computer rn cuz i traveled to another country, and it lags my game a lot- is there anyway to fix the lag?

love your game thank you :):):):):):):):):):):)

The Monster didn’t scare us but the books that flew across the living room! We didn’t expect this jumpscare xD! Good job!

super fun experience

It it decent game i liked it and the most that scare me is the bookcase

very fun

The mac version only gives the windows download i've tried to open it but i doesn't work.I really want to play the game and it looks incredible but i can't open it. Please fix this.


was pretty scary. i also had a lot of fun playing it too. overall great game!

Well, I had a...special experience with this game. It got me once definitely. The stupid bookshelf of death! Would love to see you improve Wake Up Games!

I played this game for my YouTube channel as an intro to horror games it was a bit ruff around the edges but it got some good scares out of me

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This was such a good time! My favorite part is all the books and the monster model! 

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it says its downloadable for mac AND windows. but it has no app for it to actually launch on mac? am i missing something, i really want to play this!!

He has teleport ability.

Hello! I really loved your game and did a video on it as well. It had a few good scares in it for sure! Great job =) 

this game gave me mental breakdown

i love this game

Great job! Really enjoyed this!

when trying to launch the game through mac it just opens the game folder and looking through it, it is incapable of launching because its only a .exe file please fix?


great game bud! keep up the good work! it scared me a lil bit im not gonna lie xD 11 Buen juego! sigue con el gran trabajo! me asusto bastante no te lo voy a negar wn xD

great game scared the hell out of me 

Great game. But so many unanswered question s. Would love to see more of it.

I played through the game and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what to say about this one. Although I did enjoy it, there wasn't much in the way of horror, unfortunately. I will say that the jumpscare did get me, however. Overall, I have my gripes, but it was fun, thank you for this!


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I enjoyed the game! Great Jumpscare! 

Great short horror game. Loved the atmosphere, jump scares and sound effects. Definitly want to see more from you. Keep upvthe great work.

Awesome game.

very short game :D


Very short but very cool

The mac version doesnt work :/

The design aspect of the game is quite good, although the story was non existent along with the atmosphere. 

As far as the story, you could go with the basic setup, hook, scare, release then jumpscare technique, people don't mind reading to get that feeling from what I've seen there just has to be good tension. 

I felt the atmosphere was lacking majorly due to sound design, the books crashing off of the shelf was not bad but, more of those types of visuals would be wonderful even if it's at the expense of the game being slightly longer.

I’m interested in games like this because of the many directions on which it could go. You got me several times while I was playing. After playing so many horror games, I didn’t think I could get got, but I got got. Well done! 


how do I download this on my Mac

It wasn't working for me eithe

me either

Really cool game and I really enjoyed it! Got a few scares out of me too haha. I made a video of it if you'd like to check it out. 


Thanks for the fun :D 

the bookshelf scared the crap out of me!  very good game, keep up the good work

thanks if you want to support our new game. you can check my patreon if you like :) would be very thankfull

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Start (9:25). With Poor eyesight i'm slowly making my way through my house, looking for a ghost.

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Check Out The Video

Created APRIL 2020

Digital Art Thumbnail!

What? Thats crazy you made the cover? Thats so cute

Thank you.

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