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by Wake Up Games

Please support us on patreon so that we can make a full game out of train 113. <3

Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/wakeupgames

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/blnvinz 


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Train 113 - Horrorgame


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The link is still broken & I donated for the game. Please provide refund or a working link, thanks.

I wish I could be scared....But your link still doesn't work!

link is broken please fix

An interesting game, nice work. Waiting for the full release.

Still cant download, this is not very good

the link is broken :/ 

it says trransfer has expired

this game was amazing. I  cant wait for a full release 

ive tried every possible way to install. how  do you download game?

This game had really good graphics and sound effects! Although there's a lot of room for improvement  this game was definitely creepy. Great work, can't wait for the full release!

enjoyed it!  i cant wait for the sequel

This is definitely the worst  train i've ever been on, i hated every minute of it :'c seriously tho, super sick game, very well made and looks great. Trying to progress at times was a bit of a task but that made it more scary, right? Good job :D game play is  below  if interested :)

That was some great timing with my light flickered in and out while recording :D great game.

We fixed the Link!!! Thanks so much for waiting

Прикольно, но мало. И баговано.  Но как концепция интересно. Можно скачать и пройти.

Hello i need the download??????

same, can't seem to  download the game :(. It says transfer has expired

Same issue here - 3 days later....

Have you downloaded this yet?????

Those chains were just SPAZZING! Idk if that was supposed to be like that, but talk about laggg. This game is at a perfect level for environment and feel. Very, very spooky. I understand leaving it to the player to figure out how to interact with the game, but some sort of direction or indication would be helpful. I got stuck at the door where you hear a lady humming, just after the SPAZZING chains. The door on her side opened, but mine did not. Also, having the option to lower the graphics settings would enhance the experience. 

Great work!

I loved the game overall! But there was  a little problem, there was no directions which was pretty hard to do without, but I loved the game!

pls dont play this game... pls dont

A good little horror with good screamers, it's a pity that it passes so quickly. I noticed a problem with game optimization, the fps is quite unstable.

Gave it a go...

I rather liked it. Creepy atmosphere and nice spooks. It does seem like I got stuck at one point. Just kept walking back and forth with nothing happening. Not sure if that was supposed to be like that. Still enjoyable though and didn't last too long.

This Game looks So Good.

The fear factor is nice and creepy. The graphics are well done.

(1 edit)

I have to say this is one of the scariest indie games I have played recently! I got so spooked that by the end I was jumping at any sounds that i heard  XD

Freaking LOVE this game!! I cant wait until it comes out. Here's my play through of it:


This game do bring the scary feel in the dark. Nice game.

Guys! I found out how to download it.

When on the download page, click on "download not working"

Click on enable alternate download

then click download

it'll take you to some different download page


or just click this

Ty Ty

Cannot download it from the app, this is quite the rip off

why can i not  download? i have "slice bounds out of range  [-1]"

i already paid  to support y'all too wtf 

cant download lol


cant download, installed itch client aswell, says  slice bounds out of range wtf?


I can't download the  file.   It's saying that the file expired. 


Can't download

Same, it's telling me the file was expired =/

Bro this game was fire lol. I truly enjoyed this game

Very well made and very scary! The atmosphere and tension build up were both very well done and it freaked me out, big time!

This is a nice game!!!Thank for your   create,hope your create  smoothly

Gameplay BR

Thanks so much for making this game!    It was a hell of a ride (pun intended),   you guys succeed on giving me goosebumps and even had a nightmare because of the scares, really nicely done! I hope to see more of your games and eventually play the full version of this. Great job! 

Damn   this had some good scares! Hoping for more

I Honestly enjoyed this game.   scary and amazing!!
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