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I  downloaded the demo, extracted it to  a directory and when I  double clicked the exe file, the timer went round for about 5 seconds then nothing at all.

I  wonder if it  is something to do with the date/time that the demo may have expired or something?

I  tried installing  other things but nothing worked!

For some reason, the game no longer opens, the mouse pointer keeps spinning and the game doesn't start.

Ironically, I tried some  months ago the game out of curiosity on my i5 8250U laptop, GTX 1050, 8 ram, now, with an i7 12700F, RTX 4070, 16 ram, this happens 🤷‍♂️ taking into account the specs of the game I saw on Steam being an i9 (!!!) Which suggests that the game isn't for everyone, I guess.

I hope that the project for this game is not abandoned, as it has been a while since there has been any news or updates.

I have enjoyed playing this game demo. I hope that developers will manage to get all required finance in order to publish full game, and I am looking forward to see what will be the final product. 

I rly enjoyed this game. Can’t wait for the full release! Please check out my gameplay!

i loved this little horror demo added it to my wish lish on   steam  ;) 

Nikdy nekončící metro! | TRAIN 113 | HOROR GAME DEMO

Game looks fantastic!! But what is the spec's game?? I never tried yet...

My Full Playthough of the Demo Enjoy. I loved the Game

Loved the game.  Got stuck where all those chains on the train would pop up when the lights would turn on and had no idea what to do next.  Would love to visit this game again if I could figure out how to continue where I got stuff.  Great game.

got to actually find the fix for the lag myself, just follow the instructions:

1.) open train113 folder
2.)  go to saved folder>config>windowscrashnoeditor
3.)   then open   gameusersettings using notepad
4.)   find the  "sg.ShadowQuality" and make the number  "0" instead of "3"
5.) save and try to  run your game, It should run smoothly

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I tried here and nothing work.

Mouse point keep sppining and game not open. I think the devs need to update this.

Pretty fun demo but I did run into a few bugs with this game. I could not finish it because I could not figure out how to get pass the fire lady lol but I can def see promise in this game If the bugs are all fixed.

I really liked.  Very scary.  Played on my channel :)

My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined

I really liked the game, the graphics were really nice but  with my 2070 it did stutter. Anyways, cool stuff man, thanks for making such a neat game demo!

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I  don't know if it's just my PC, but this game is highly unoptimized. I'm rockin an RTX 3080, and this game still runs like sludge. I only played for about 20 min, and had to stop bc the framerate was so bad that  it just ruined the experience for me.

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

I need the full  game, this was really good.

The link finally worked, great game thanks :)

wait... was the  ending not leading to steam just the patreon thing

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Presave on Steam :

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i cant find where i can download this game any sugestions on where i can get the game from

new link


Why is it when I go to download the game, It wont allow me, but yet I can download any other game on 

I click download and it brings me to and it just says the link is expired?

Thank you to anyone who can help me!


new link

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This is a very good game. there's a ton of jumpscares. You really got me there. Thank you very much.

I loved this game loads, hoep to see more from the Dev.

heres my playthrough

where i can   download this? the link is expired

I see the comments say the link is expired... Well, there's three best jumpscares (out of 10) from this latest video.   Tbh, I am terrified of Asian horror and this did the job in scaring me! Here you go, short video than my usual, only 10 minutes (:.

Link expired

Link to download does not work. after clicking on download it says, "Link expired"

We played this game a few months back and had a great time with it, very creepy!

Pura adrenalina! excelente trabalho!


Paid maximum amount for this only to find that I could not download it because the game is actually hosted on a third party site not linked to this. Itch need to take this link down because you cannot buy this game here. 



link brokebn

Link broken i cant download the game i want it , cause i payed for it ! :(

Link broken again

When I click download, it says the transfer is expired. I also tried alternate download mode-- anyone know the fix?

It was good, but I did have issues with lighting and seeing key things to engage with. HOWEVER! This was so creepy!

i love these horror games!!   sometimes i couldnt look at the screen haha

I had a lot of fun playing this. The sounds are amazing, the title screen actually got me on it. I have a window right next to my blue screen and it really sounded like someone tappin on it LOL I left it in the vid 

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